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10 Ways Small Business Financing Will Change Once We’re Back To Normal

We asked 10 thought leaders to share the ways in which small business financing will shift once we’re back to normal. Read more


3 Steps to Become a Successful Leader During COVID-19

Lack of leadership during a crisis is becoming evident as the impact of Coronavirus on businesses rise. Read and learn how to be a successful business leader. Read more

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Business SWOT Analysis Fundamentals-An Easy Way to Ensure Your Business Succeeds

Learn the key aspects of a SWOT analysis, how it fits into your business's strategic plan, and develop an understanding of doing this for your business. Read more

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Client Spotlight - ShieldCo

September 25, 2020

Several years ago Luke and Neil Markey left their successful positions in the business and military world to form their own company, called ShieldCo, to make beautiful, high quality, three dimensional signage and art out of various types of metal, based on the skills that they had learned from their father at an early age.


Location, Location, Location

Originally published in The Frederick News Post By: Rich Terselic Home Location The simplest location for a new business is the entrepreneur’s home. While there are clear benefits... Read more

Time to open a new restaurant

Originally published in The Frederick News Post By Luis Diaz Colorado The passion of food starts in your mind, just when you are hosting a nice gathering. When you want people to... Read more

So you want to be an Entrepreneur?

Originally published in The Frederick News Post by Kathie Callahan Brady There is an ongoing debate exploring whether Entrepreneurs are born or molded by their experiences. Some... Read more

The owner/investor ‘pre-nup’

Originally published in The Frederick News Post For many entrepreneurs, the time and effort required to start a company on the right footing frequently leaves them with little... Read more

Beyond the checkbook balance

Originally published in The Frederick News Post Many small business owners use software to maintain their checkbook balance. However, that “cash in the bank” balance is only one... Read more

The next big thing in crowds

Originally published in The Frederick News Post First the crowd cleaned up France with “La Marseillaise” in 1789. Then there was removal of the Berlin Wall and Arab Spring. Now,... Read more

A tutorial for small business lending

Originally published in The Frederick News Post More than 28 million small businesses operate in the United States, according to a September article in Forbes. The businesses may... Read more

Social media for small business

Originally published in The Frederick News Post My, how times have changed. As an owner of an 11-year-old small business, I am amazed at changes in marketing over the past decade... Read more